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What our customers say about our organic, raw, whole food-based dog treats

Watch the short KOMO-TV segment that aired on March 2009! The last few seconds show model Gee try our organic Veggie-Hides dog treats. According to the attending humans "Gee loved them!" KOMO4 News: Barking Up a Green Tree: Eco-Friendly Pet Products.

"So I just received my order and WOW my dog and cat LOVE everything! So happy I found your company!" Christine, NC

"Wonderful treats! We even mix them into our dogs regular food." - Deborah, CA

"I've been meaning to order for a few days now cause God forbid I don't have these treats on hand everyday for the gang waiting for me in the kitchen - I'd be in big trouble - it's an established and insisted upon routine every morning as soon as I appear anywhere near the kitchen. Thanks for these super healthy treats I can feel great about giving out." - Rosanne, FL

"I use your treats as a reward for taking his pills. He actually waits for me to jam the pills down his throat because he knows he'll get a treat afterwards. I'm going to have to start reducing his meals so I can give him the treats." - Deb, CA

"Your treats [Liver-Hides] are a hit with my dogs! Thanks for all the samples." - Kathy, AZ

"Mojo loves them [Gizzard Chews]. And thanks for the samples! I can't take a picture of her eating the gizzards as they disappear in a matter of seconds!" - Lily, Cn

"We got the Veggie-Hides and I can tell you my dog really likes 'em!" Seth, VA

"I was just really impressed with Santos' reaction to the snacks - we live a pretty clean lifestyle, but she is a hard one. Before our beloved cat died, she would only eat cat food. So we got her an expensive fish based dog food - she wouldn't touch it! It's almost a rule - the more we spend on it the more we can be certain she won't like it. Right now she is eating a store brand, but she's eating it. I supplement with raw meats, fruits and veggies, and kefir. Hopefully somewhere in there she's getting a healthy balance. With your snacks though, she ate them right up! Must be good stuff!" - Jamaise, IN

"We definitely want to sell your pet food. You have the best pet snacks I have seen." - Mary, CA

"Thank you so much for your treats (i.e., our raw dehydrated meat-based dog treats)! So far, they have been a hit. Our dogs even like them directly out of the freezer. Micky didn't even chew, she just gobbled them right up... These are great for her, because she has diabetes and we really have to watch what she eats. - Pat, CA"

"I have a 14 year old lab mix and her hips have been bad for a few years. She had this thing she used to do where she would sit and put up both feet to ask for a treat. She has not been able to do it for about 3 years now but for a Veggie-Hides treat, she grit her teeth, bore the pain and struck that old pose time and time again for Onesta Organics." - Jon & Tasha, CA

"My dog Missy loves your dog treats and she just can't get enough of them. She will eat one piece of treat in about a second. Thank you so much for these treats." - Vincent, NM

"The [dog treat] samples arrived yesterday and the dogs love them. Fabulous samples!" - Alline, MO

"Got the [Veggie-Hides dog] treats in today's mail. My dogs are following me around they like them so much." - Beth, OH

"Hey! They love them. Actually, my kids [dogs] thought they smelled so good they ate some this morning. I work F/T at a veterinary hospital and I've been testing 'em out with the clients. :) What I love is the packaging (or lack of). Thanks!" - Connie, CT

"My very allergic Golden Retriever loves the sample my vet gave him of your Veggie-Hides." - Marilynn and Brinkley, CA

"My puppy is absolutely crazy about these treats!" - Judith, IL

"Well, the jury is in and she [Rosie] loves them" Denise, Dan & Rosie, CA

"My dog Kassie likes these dog treats!" - Julie, MI

"Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful and healthful treat for my dogs. I have been spreading the word to all my friends about the Veggie-Hides and how they are perfect for training." - Barbara, CA

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Because we need to find a suitable facility at the new location, we won't be able to fill orders for a few weeks. For updates, please keep checking in.


"It is buyer beware of any pet food product that does not show that it is certified by one of the NOP certification agents." - CDFA

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Chinese-made Wild Alaska Salmon Treats?!

Remedy for itchy skin.

Arsenic in non-organic chicken.

Non-certified organic 'natural' pet foods contain many toxins, antibiotics & hormones.

How believable are a pet food company's pledges?

Pets need a variety of foods for optimum health.
Don't feed treats that have no nutritional value.