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Sardine Fishie Yum-Yums Plain $12.00

Our Fishie Yum-Yums are irresistible, hypoallergenic, whole food-based dog treats. They are raw dehydrated, 100% human grade, GMO-free, and are crafted carefully by hand from the whole fish for your dog.

Fishie Yum-Yums are made from human grade, sustainably fished sardines or organically raised trout. Both species of fish are considered to be eco-friendly and eco-safe choices by environmental and conservation groups alike.*

We prepare fillets from whole fish that we carefully clean and cut before dehydrating at low temperatures. Low-heat dehydration preserves heat-sensitive, healthful nutrients such as vitamins and fatty acids. We vacuum pack and freeze our dehydrated Fishie Yum-Yums dog treats to prevent the oxidation of natural vitamins and healthful fats. Since natural fish oil is more stable than chemically modified, highly concentrated fish oil, our Fishie Yum-Yums treats are naturally healthier than most omega-3-supplemented dog food products. Fishie Yum-Yums contain high levels of essential amino acids and protein, and are especially rich in natural, unprocessed omega-3 fatty acids.

Fishie Yum-Yums dog treats come in three flavors: Plain (fish), Cinnamon (fish and organic cinnamon seasoning), and Kelp (fish and organic kelp seasoning).

Our raw Fishie Yum-Yums are super-healthy training treats. They provide the ideal real food complement to a dogís normal diet. Most important of all, whole food Fishie Yum-Yums are an undisputed hit with dogs!

Testimonial: Testimonial: "I love my dog so much! When I come home she is normally already waiting for me at the door and then she is all over me, waging her tail and licking me all over. When I brought home your treats [Gizzard Chews, Hearty Treats, and Liver-Hides], she didnít greet me as usual but went straight for my bag where I had the treats which I already opened to look at. She didnít stop sniffing and pawing the bag until I gave her some treats and after that she wouldnít stop begging for more! Thanks for making the best dog treats I have found so far!" - Marcy, CA
Ingredients: Sardine

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 65%, Fat 31%, Fiber 1%, Moisture 15%. Calories per 100g: 537

* Environmental Defense Fund, Monterey Bay Aquarium

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 19 September, 2010.

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"It is buyer beware of any pet food product that does not show that it is certified by one of the NOP certification agents." - CDFA

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