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Testimonials for Pet Pasta Testimonials for Pet Pasta

What our customers say about our organic Pet Pasta treats

Watch the short KOMO-TV segment that aired on March 2009! Guest models Gee, Maple and Cinnamon help Tom show anchor Mary Nam examples of green pet products, including our organic treats. The last few seconds show model Gee try one of our organic pet products" KOMO4 News: Barking Up a Green Tree: Eco-Friendly Pet Products.

"Thank you for your product, my little Clover loves her Pet Pasta and get that with lots of fruits and veggies." - Christina, MA

"We definitely want to sell your pet food. You have the best pet snacks I have seen." - Mary, CA

"I want to thank you very much for the rat treats! Our kids went nuts over them! They were all gone in a day!!! We have so many lol!" - Crystal, Butters Rat House

"Just wanted to pass on a thank you from my ratties, they LOVE the yummy Pet Pasta treats you guys make, and I love the crunchy sound they make as they eat them. I enjoy giving them a wholesome treat, and appreciate that Onesta Organics makes these. I hope to see even more products that I can treat my ratties to." - Polly, USA

"The boys [rats] really like the Pet Pasta! When I gave them each their first piece they grabbed it and took off to eat it, coming back shortly for more! I am mixing pieces of it with their regular dry snack food. What a great product!" - Tara, Ontario, Ca

"I just got the chinnie crack [Chinchilla lovers call Pet Pasta treats "chinnie crack"] today. My boys [chinchillas] love it! All I hear is crunch crunch. I gave some to my hamsters also, and they loved it as well. Just so you know, they were all in a dead sleep and got up to munch on their new favorite treat. Thank you!" - Sondra, MN

"I just got my Pet Pasta today and I am currently listening to the sound of my four girls [rats] sampling the cinnamon flavor. The harmonious crunching seems to indicate that it has been well met! :) " - Sandi, MD

"Got 'em, thanks! They [rats] *love* them, Snow White actually perked up for them, and she's been so dreary. They have gone absolutely buggy for them :) Tried the [Pet Pasta] Carrot this afternoon before I went to work, just to see, and gave them some [Pet Pasta] Banana with their veggies, etc tonight broken up like croutons. They dug them out first." - Cristine, NY

"We are excited to get it. My little buns [rabbits] just love your wafers. I do not know what I would do without them." - Jeana, TX

"I would like to say how impressed all of us at Rodent World are by your products and their truly unparalleled wholesomeness. Your packaging is exquisite, the ingredients in the Pet Pasta are outstanding, your company literature copy is compelling and original and lastly, my guinea pigs LOVE the products! I'd like to add that Fluffarina, my rescue guinea pig, pulled the Pasta into her Pet Igloo and hummed with delight as she ate it. My other guinea pig, Pippin, was equally pleased and hoarded his Pet Pasta piece in a corner of his habitat. We would be so proud to carry your Pet Pasta." - Gloria, NC

"I just purchased some Pet Pasta from Wee Companions Rescue. My five darling rat girls ADORE them! I'm really pleased at the high-quality ingredients, your use of organics, the no-GMO pledge, and the fact the treats contain no animal products. You should see this discussion about your treats over on Rats Rule! forum... watch out, though, you'll probably blush at all the nice things being said! - Melissa, MN

"My rats went bananas over these treats! I love the smell and how easy it is to break them into small rat-sized bites, and the rats couldn't get enough of them. One package lasted me a good while, and with as many rats as I have that's a big deal! The favorite was probably the banana flavored ones, though they were all gobbled up quickly. The rats even tried to steal the full sheet of the treats and run off with them! I really like how the treats are all organic and safe for the rats, their health and diet mean a lot in our home so giving high quality treats that they love is excellent, and I know these treats have something more than sugary sweetness to offer, unlike some other treats. A must-have for any rat owner!" - Ashley, CA

"I gave my two chinchillas Audrey and Demi, aka "The Girls", their first treat tonight. It took them approximately two seconds to realize that this was their newest and best treat of the new year. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future! Today I gave them the cinnamon oh man they practically gnawed through the cage to get more!" - Kevin & The Girls, MI

"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product in your "Pet Pasta." I actually ordered it for my seven mice for Christmas and discovered that my three rabbits went totally nuts for it as well! I was also very impressed with your prompt and very courteous service. Thanks again." - Chris, NJ

"I wanted to thank you for the last shipment of Onesta Organics products. Our African Grey (parrot) absolutely loves the Pet Pasta. He gobbles it down in an instant." - Barbara, CA

"Just wanted to pass on a thank you from my ratties, they LOVE the yummy Pet Pasta treats you guys make, and I love the crunchy sound they make as they eat them. I enjoy giving them a wholesome treat, and appreciate that Onesta Organics makes these." - Polly, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you for the food I ordered from you for my rat friends. They are really enjoying them and are quite lively after eating them with all the goodness you put into them. It's great to see someone with such a passion for feeding small animals live food nutrition in an easily accessible form." - Susan, UK

"My guys LOVE Pet Pasta SO much!!! The Pet Pasta is one of the only treats that gets eaten immediately and not stored." - Drusilla, NY

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"It is buyer beware of any pet food product that does not show that it is certified by one of the NOP certification agents." - CDFA

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Arsenic in non-organic chicken.

Non-certified organic 'natural' pet foods contain many toxins, antibiotics & hormones.

How believable are a pet food company's pledges?

Pets need a variety of foods for optimum health.
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