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Freeze-dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats - Made in China?!
Now here's a little tidbit that just came across my 'radar': I can buy freeze-dried cat and dog treats, at wholesale prices, that are made from Alaskan salmon and other fish ('whitefish' and tuna) via a Seattle-based distributing hub. Sounds like a great deal for any pet food company that doesn't want to prepare the food from scratch, right? What's so interesting about this? Well, these particular fish are prepared in China! They say they use Alaskan wild salmon, but there's nobody who can confirm it. Read more about this on our Blog.

Melamine deception!
A pet food company that sells 'whole foods for pets' and makes it a point to mention that they test their pet foods and ingredients for melamine is deceiving you. In the first place, foods that are actually 'whole,' or intact (e.g., not processed or changed in any way through the addition or removal of constituent components) simply don't contain melamine. Melamine is a toxic additive that is mixed into meat and milk meals or powders to achieve an artificially high readout of protein during nutritional testing (this was the tactic used by some Chinese ingredient suppliers that resulted in the deaths of a large number of dogs and cats).

So, when a company tries to pitch their pet foods as 'whole food-based,' even as they claim to have these foods and ingredients tested for melamine, that company is certainly deceiving you, or at the very least, making an empty assurance. When someone makes such contradictory and nonsensical statements to get your money, they are doing so because they know that it might be difficult for even an intelligent layperson to recognize their deception. I don't trust companies-or the people behind them-when they engage in such deceptive marketing; nor should you! You and your pet certainly deserve better than that. Read more here.

In 2010, our Hearty Treats received the "Stamp of Approval" from Feline Wellness Magazine.
The editors of Feline Wellness recognized the superior quality of this hypoallergenic certified organic cat and dog food product in their Product Picks section.

Natural claims for non-certified organic pet foods are becoming are becoming less and less meaningful.
Why non-certified organic pet food often contains hormones, antibiotics, drugs, fire retardants, and other toxic chemicals. Read more here.

Sierra Magazine featured our vegan organic dog treats, Veggie-Hides.
"The Green Life" (March, 2010). Read more here.

Our products were featured on KOMO4 News.
March, 2009: Guest models Gee, Maple and Cinnamon help Tom show anchor Mary Nam examples of green pet products. Gee samples our Veggie-Hides dog treats. KOMO4 News: Barking Up a Green Tree: Eco-Friendly Pet Products.

Eco Life News: "Certified Organic - Defined."
An article about the terms organic, natural, certified organic, and sustainability in the pet food industry, by Dr. Heidi Junger (September 2008). Read more on this topic in our blog entry Organic claims in the pet food industry - True or False?

My Business Has Gone to the Dogs.
Interview in Fido Friendly (June 2008).

Organic Pet Food.
Organic & Wellness News describes Onesta Organics novel approach to develop whole food-based organic pet foods.

In December 2007, we were accepted as a member of Green America.
Green America has recognized our commitment to socially and environmentally responsible endeavors. Although membership with Green America is also fee-based and acceptance relies on statements provided by the applicant instead of unbiased, detailed verification, we are proud that we were the first and are currently the only both certified organic and Green America approved pet food manufacturer in the USA.

Myth - Rats cannot digest alfalfa.
A blog entry by Dr. Heidi Junger. Researching the existing literature confirms what a passionate rat guardian has known for long by experience: Rats (like other omnivores) can very well digest alfalfa. We hope that this research review will help put an end to the old unfounded myths spread via the internet and lay publications that rats can't digest alfalfa.

The Bad News and Good News about Pet Food
An article Dr. Junger wrote about pet food quality in the Shareguide (2007, Issue 94).

In 2007, our treats received the "Stamp of Approval" from Animal Wellness Magazine.
The editors of Animal Wellness recognized the superior quality of our hypoallergenic Veggie-Hides dog treats in their Product Picks section.

What are some possible reasons for recent pet food recalls. Read on.
A review by Dr. Junger.

In spring 2006, we were certified to USDA organic standards.
Currently, only certified organic claims are regulated and enforced by US law in the pet food industry. All other, non-certified organic claims are not regulated and enforced by the US government and may be true or false as they have not been verified by an unbiased 3rd party. As one State compliance officer at CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture) wrote in 2008: It is buyer be ware of any pet food product that does not show that it is certified by one of the NOP certification agents.

The organic certification process includes the review of all products, organic certificates, and non-GMO statements of all ingredients used, as well as regular inspections of the production facility. Organic certification is your assurance that all ingredients are fully disclosed and that the manufacturing site is free of toxic chemicals which are commonly used in not certified organic pet food and human food manufacturing facilities.

Use of the USDA organic seal is reserved for certified organic products containing at least 95% certified organic ingredients (ours contain more than 99% organic ingredients). Conventional ingredients cannot be used for certified organic products if organic versions are available (this is most always the case).

A Green Seal certifying agent confirmed in May 2008 that USDA organic certification is the best and most credible label for pet and human food products, also in respect to any green claims. Green Seal is a third party certifier that uses stringent processes to verify green claims. Currently they do not have any standards available to certify food products for humans and pets.

In May 2012, we surrendered our USDA organic certificate because our family will be moving out of state, and we will need to stop production until we have found a new manufacturing facility. Currently, we only sell products that we manufactured while we were still fully certified organic.

In 2006, we became members of the Organic Trade Association (OTA).
OTA is a trade association, not an organic certifier. OTA membership is granted to companies which buy, use, or sell products containing organic ingredients (or even just one organic ingredient) and pay their annual membership fees. You may therefore see pet food manufacturers waving the OTA seal and organic claims in front of customers hoping to make sales, although none of their organic claims can be verified. Until we resume production, we won't be able to renew our OTA membership, i.e., pay our annual dues.

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"It is buyer beware of any pet food product that does not show that it is certified by one of the NOP certification agents." - CDFA

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Chinese-made Wild Alaska Salmon Treats?!

Remedy for itchy skin.

Arsenic in non-organic chicken.

Non-certified organic 'natural' pet foods contain many toxins, antibiotics & hormones.

How believable are a pet food company's pledges?

Pets need a variety of foods for optimum health.
Don't feed treats that have no nutritional value.
"I would like to say how impressed all of us at Rodent World are by your products and their truly unparalleled wholesomeness. Your packaging is exquisite, the ingredients in the Pet Pasta are outstanding, your company literature copy is compelling and original and lastly, my guinea pigs LOVE the products! I'd like to add that Fluffarina, my rescue guinea pig, pulled the Pasta into her Pet Igloo and hummed with delight as she ate it. My other guinea pig, Pippin, was equally pleased and hoarded his Pet Pasta piece in a corner of his habitat. We would be so proud to carry your Pet Pasta." - Gloria, NC