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23rd Sep 2011

Dog Beds, Cat Beds, Pet Beds – Economical and Healthy

Many dog and cat beds are commercially available. But, quite a few that we’ve looked at are too bulky to wash on a regular enough basis to keep them sanitary and healthy, and some are simply too bulky to throw into the washer in the first place. Others are made from materials we don’t consider healthy, including synthetic or nanoparticle-containing so-called ‘dirt- or liquid-repellent’ materials. Moreover, many beds that are made from healthy organic materials are also too bulky to keep clean.

We’ve found a simple solution (we like to call it the “econodog” or “econocat” bed) that is not only easily washed, versatile, and comfortable, but also economical: quite simply, a good quality pillow or seat cushion made from natural materials that’s covered with a pillow case.

You can easily wash all components. If the pillow case is too large for the pillow, you can easily adjust its size with a few simple stitches, or just fold the excess fabric under the pillow itself. You can repurpose or reuse what you have or buy something new or second-hand (in both cases, make sure you wash the pillow and/or pillow case before letting your pet use it/them). This way you can be sure of the quality and safety of the material your animal sleeps on, keep his or her bed safe and clean, and stay well within your budget. If your pet needs more or less support, you can easily modify the bed to his or her specific requirements. The bed components can be easily adjusted to your pet’s size. And, since its cover can be changed regularly, the bed need never become a boring piece of furniture. So, to sum up: keep it safe by keeping it simple!

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16th Sep 2011

Freeze-dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats – Made in China?!

Now here’s a little tidbit that just came across my ‘radar’: I can buy freeze-dried cat and dog treats, at wholesale prices, that are made from Alaskan salmon and other fish (‘whitefish’ and tuna) via a Seattle-based distributing hub.

Sounds like a great deal for any pet food company that doesn’t want to prepare the food from scratch, right? What’s so interesting about this? Well, these particular fish are prepared in China! Although the processor claims that they use Alaskan wild salmon, there’s no independent party that can verify this. Even with all the cutting of corners I’ve seen in the pet food industry over the past few years, I must admit that I was surprised by this. Earlier, I had assumed – wrongly, of course – that at the very least, all wild Alaskan salmon treats are processed in the US. Undoubtedly, many consumers – and even some retailers, including veterinarians!- make the very same assumption. And clearly, there isn’t a reliable source for this kind of information.

By the way, I was approached, in my capacity as a pet food manufacturer, to buy this China-processed salmon for resale. When I inquired further, I was stunned to find out that wild Alaskan salmon is processed for pet treats in China. Aren’t there enough companies in the US that are interested and able to do this, or is such home-grown processing simply not cost-effective? In any case, I would never consider reselling these products, despite their very attractive wholesale price. As I mentioned earlier, there’s no way of knowing whether we are really dealing with wild Alaskan salmon.

The foregoing highlights another potential source of misinformation: just because a pet food website or product package lists a US address, it doesn’t mean that the product originates from, or was manufactured in, the US. So, it’s important to keep in mind that several pet food companies simply repackage products which they purchase from other manufacturers. They then sell these products as their own, packaged in their brand’s box, bag, or tub. With the notable exception of USDA certified organic pet foods, manufacturers aren’t required to declare the actual source of the products they sell. So, be aware: your favorite pet food company may just be repackaging what other companies make for them.

P.S.: At Onesta Organics, we’re proud of the fact that we prepare all our pet food products from scratch in our own facility. It’s not always easy, but it’s always rewarding to know exactly what we are selling to our customers and their pets.

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01st Sep 2011

Dog at Work …

An amazing video of an amazing dog.

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