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30th May 2011

Car Safety for Your Pet

Nothing looks more wonderful than having your sit right on your lap or bounce around on the back or passenger’s seat where she can stick her head out of the window to enjoy the summer breeze and the myriad of interesting smells.

But is it safe?

No. And here’s just a few reasons why:
1. The pet can fall out of the window. I have seen this happen once and I consider it a miracle that the animal didn’t get hit by another car and was able to get up.

2. The dog’s eyes can get hurt. Have you ever blinked when you were outside because something got into your eye that irritated it? Now imagine how many particles can hit eyes when moving on a street. The higher the speed, the greater the risk of injuries. The cornea gets easier hurt than you may think and it really, really hurts if the injury is deep enough.

3. The cold air your pet breathes in can damage her respiratory system.

4. The pet can get thrown around, against or even out of the window when you have to break.

5. She may fall or climb on the floor where she may get stepped on, hurt by anything falling on them, or even wedged under the pedals while you are driving.

5. When she’s climbing all over the driver she may be the reason for an accident when she distracts you or impairs your driving.

6. An activated airbag can injure or even kill your pet.

7. Even moving cars can get too hot for your pet. Use the A/C or crack open a window or two.

What can you do?
You can use a crate. It is always a good idea to get your pet accustomed to a crate for emergency cases, trips to the vet, travel etc. A crate should be a safe place and nothing to be afraid of. Trainers can suggest simple ways to help you make your pets feel at home in their crates.

You can use other safety features, such as safety pet travel seats, dog car seat belts, or screen dividers that prevent your pet from entering the driver’s area.

If you are traveling with a pet and another responsible human, the passenger can hold the animal on his lap if this can be done safely.

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