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22nd Nov 2010

Puppies Have Claimed Their Rights

On October 6th, 2010, two 3 month-old puppies
moved into our house
to claim their right to the good life!

Charlie! © Onesta Organics

Where did they come from?
They were lucky enough to end up with a local rescue group:
United Hope for Animals (

Where were they before they were rescued?
They were found in a plastic trash bag in a dump
in Tijuana, Mexico.

What do they do these days?
Sleep, play, eat, walk…repeat…

Typical puppy stuff…

They need to enjoy their lives as puppies
before they’re confronted with
the more serious duties of adult dogs; you know, like:

Sleep, play, eat, walk…repeat…

……..We have arrived!……..

P.S.: They will be participants at the next Puppy Bowl!

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