07th Sep 2010

Genetically Engineered Genes end up in the Body

More Reasons to Choose Certified Organic Pet Foods…

As you may know, only certified organic pet food claims are regulated and enforced by the US government. ‘Organic’ pet food claims aren’t verified by an unbiased 3rd party and may therefore contain synthetic ingredients, as well as genetically engineered ingredients and ingredients that have been contaminated with toxins (e.g., pesticides, fertilizers, sewage sludge, and other synthetic toxins) that are used in conventional food production.

A new study from the University of Naples, Italy, has shown that genetically engineered (GMO) food has an impact even on the offspring of animals that are fed GMO food (Tudisco et al., The Animal Consortium 2010).

Synthetic DNA fragments (genes) of genetically engineered soy beans were not only found in the milk and blood of the goats which ate the GMO food, but these genes were also found in the hearts, skeletal muscles and kidneys of the kids that ate nothing but their mothers’ milk (the authors found such fragments in all organs they checked). The location of these genetically engineered genes correlated with increased cell metabolisms (which can be implicated in accelerated cell death or tumor formation).

Previous studies have shown that antibiotic-resistance genes which are used in GMO foods can transfer to gut bacteria, which are among others, responsible for a healthy immune system.

The recent study from Naples confirms fears that adulterated GMO genes don’t only enter the body via the gut, but that they are also transferred to nursing kids.

… just one more reason to opt for (certified!) organic foods and to ask for strong regulations of genetically engineered crops.

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