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10th Oct 2009

Daisii the Rat Loves Onesta Organics Treats!

The following is a story that one of our customers, Debbie P. from AZ sent us. Thanks so much Debbie, for sharing your experience with us!

I have had several ratties over the years, but the one I have now, Daisii, discovered Onesta Organics pet foods with me!

These treats, such as the Pet Pasta and the Veggie-Hides are so pure and wholesome, a person could eat them!

When I got Daisii, she was a little nipper, sort of a playful puppy kind of thing, but I used the Pet Pasta to train her not to bite and for being a good girl. It worked! She loves them, all of the flavors, and I can feel like I am giving her something she loves, but it’s so good for her. She loves the Veggie-Hides too.

When you love and care for your pet so much, you want to give them something that you feel would be good enough for yourself to eat!

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