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About Onesta Organics About Onesta Organics
Organic Pet Food for a Reason...

Since we are moving, we have stopped production and surrendered our organic certification as of May, 2012. The products we are currently selling were, however, processed while our manufacturing facility was still USDA certified organic. So, you'll still find the USDA organic seal, the name of our previous organic certification agent, and our USDA certified organic claim on our product packages. We sincerely hope that the information regarding organic certification that we provide on our website will help consumers make the best possible choices in an under-regulated industry.

Our organic raw pet food products are handcrafted from fresh or low-temperature dehydrated, nutritious, human grade organic ingredients. We use local and fair trade ingredients whenever possible and always use whole foods instead of synthetic nutrients or refined ingredients. Our gentle, dehydration at raw food temperature preserves the natural nutrients contained in these ingredients, yielding raw pet foods, which are formulated to support your pet's health and help prevent disease.

Unlike most other pet food companies that contract manufacturing out to large processing plants, we manufactured our natural pet food products in our own facility. This allowed us to oversee and tightly control all aspects of manufacturing, including ingredient storage, sanitation, manufacturing details and product storage.

A USDA inspector wrote to us: I really enjoyed seeing your operation. It's very interesting to see pet food created in an environment cleaner and more laboratory like than a human consumption plant.*

Since we only produced small batches of our handcrafted pet food products, we are able to store our natural pet foods as well as our ingredients in cold cabinets. This is quite different from most other pet food companies' practice to store large batches of ingredients and products often long-term in not-climate controlled storage areas and warehouses; this negatively affects the freshness and nutrient levels in your pet's food.

organic pet food manufacture

*Human food plants are usually inspected once per decade, whereas certified organic pet food plants are inspected at least once a year!
Organic is Safer and Healthier

raw organic vegetable ingredients

Onesta Organics was founded by Dr. Heidi Junger, a zoologist and life-long animal lover, who became frustrated with the low quality of commercially available foods available for small animals, such as dogs and cats..

Our family-owned and -operated manufacturing company, was the first both certified organic and Green America-approved pet food manufacturer in the USA.

The ingredients used in conventional (i.e., non-certified organic) pet foods are usually contaminated with residues from pesticides or toxic fertilizers; most of these pet foods also contain genetically engineered ingredients. But, even certified organic pet foods can contain unhealthy ingredients, such as sweeteners, refined grains, or allergens. As well, the nutritional value of most ingredients used in dog, cat and other pet foods is often compromised by cooking or baking at high processing temperatures (Beware of some 'raw dehydrated' cat and dog foods - some companies include previously cooked meats, eggs, or fish!)

Small pets are often short-lived and can be highly susceptible to disease. For these animals, safe and healthy, natural quality nutrition is critical to longevity and the maintenance of a healthy immune system. Dr. Junger realized this and decided to hit the books-and the kitchen-to develop human grade and natural raw pet foods that would be helpful in preventing disease.

Based on the theory that prevention beats any available medical treatment, and that the maintenance of good health and wellbeing starts with a wholesome diet, we offer organic, natural pet foods for cats, dogs, and pocket pets that are as nutritious as the best foods available to people. We love our pets; why not provide them with foods and treats that will make them happy and keep them healthy?

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We're moving!
Because we need to find a suitable facility at the new location, we won't be able to fill orders for a few weeks. For updates, please keep checking in.


"It is buyer beware of any pet food product that does not show that it is certified by one of the NOP certification agents." - CDFA

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Non-certified organic 'natural' pet foods contain many toxins, antibiotics & hormones.

How believable are a pet food company's pledges?

Pets need a variety of foods for optimum health.
Don't feed treats that have no nutritional value.
"My very allergic Golden Retriever loves the sample my vet gave him of your Veggie-Hides."
Marilynn and Brinkley, CA